Internet Strategic Planning

Having a solid strategy is at the core of any successful business. Your Internet strategy is an equally critical component in your success.  Developing powerful Internet strategies is at the heart of what we do. We believe your corporate strategy should be consistently translated into a meaningful online interaction with your customers. A successful Strategic Internet Plan will allow you to effectively address the wants and needs of your customer constituency.  And because we consistently deliver effective strategies our customers consider us their Internet planning partner.

Website Design & Development

As a company completely dedicated to Internet related business, web design is our most requested service. We offer both site design and redesign. You can also purchase site shell and/or header only.

We can develop a customized site with unique visual elements, targeting functionality and secure ecommerce, ensuring your site exceeds all expectations. Whether your web objective is increased revenues through direct product sales, accelerated prospect conversion rates, improved web traffic for your advertiser base, or heightened brand awareness, our dynamic websites and superior applications can facilitate the achievement of your goals.

Internet Marketing

Internet traffic is one of the most important and most valuable assets a business can have. But it isn’t easy to get especially not in a short time.

The amount and quality of traffic is a key parameter in estimating a websites value. Good traffic volume combined with a website that converts visitors to customers makes a winning combination.

At Veridean, we develop a Internet presence to match your corporate identity, one that reaches your target audience on-line. We specialize in pay-per-click keyword marketing, Google geo-targeting, search engine optimization and other proven traffic generating approaches.

e-Commerce Applications

Expand your sales channels and reduce your need for phone order processing by using the Internet as a massive store front. Veridean can provide you with secure credit card processing, easy to use shopping cart checkout, back office integration and advice on how best to transact commerce over the web.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines such as Google and MSN strive to deliver relevant websites in response to the search strings entered by their users.  This has meant an ever changing set of requirements for your website strategy.  You can no longer just “Add some meta tags” or “Pile on the keywords”. The 3rd generation search engines are very sophisticated and are going to look to determine a websites “theme” and how often it is “linked to” by others. Many web designers just do not have the time or expertise to staff up with what it takes to be ranked highly in the search engines.

Website Hosting & Ongoing Support

Perhaps the most valuable service we offer is our ongoing Internet planning, we call it eSupport. With a low cost eSupport contract your website is updated regularly. We work with our clients' management or marketing staff to keep their site fresh and focused on what's happening in their marketplace.

Our technology infrastructure includes:

  • Fast U.S. based data center with direct connection to Internet backbone

  • FTP Access

  • IBM webservers

  • SQLserver, Microsoft ASP, Cisco Network

  • Ad serving using Open Ad Stream

  • Traffic tracking through urchin


When Smart Business needed to upgrade its website, we were looking for more than a web development company. We needed a strategic partner who
could help us develop new ideas and a strategy for building a strong web presence to enhance our brand on a national level. We found that partner in
Veridean Technologies and Tom Jensen. Toms years of real-world media experience provide a unique perspective that other web development companies
simply cannot offer. We have been extremely pleased with our results so far and look forward to working with Tom to continue enhancing our Internet strategy.
Michael Marzec, COO Smart Business Network

We had a short deadline Web site project that was vital to our magazine and a key advertiser. Tom and his Veridean team worked hand-in-hand with us to execute everything we needed...and on time In fact, I'm still not sure how we went from a virtually blank sheet of paper to a working multi-featured Web site in less than 7 weeks. Great to work with, and never, ever heard, "We can't do that."
Jim Smith, Editor Tire Review Magazine


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