Veridean Technology Solutions is focused on defining, building and executing a winning Internet strategy for Business Media companies.  We possess a stellar combination of strong Internet skills and over 20 years of Media industry experience.  In addition to strategic planning, website development & e-Commerce, we have a set of products designed exclusively for Media companies including ePub™ Content Management System and eTarget™ Online Ad Delivery.

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Internet Strategic Planning
Tom Jensen, Former Penton Media CTO and Co-owner of Veridean Technology, will work closely with your leadership staff to define and develop a strong online strategy. The Veridean team's real world experience in building online brands provides a wealth of knowledge to benefit your business.

Website Design & Development
At the core of your Online strategy is your website. We can develop a customized site with unique visual elements, targeted functionality and secure ecommerce components. Whether your web objective is increased revenues through direct product sales, accelerated prospect conversion rates, improved web traffic for your advertiser base, or heightened brand awareness, our dynamic websites and superior applications can facilitate the achievement of your goals

ePub CMS
Our Content Management System was designed for Publishers. Being able to manage your past, present and future content is critical. Manage your content in a snap, ask us about ePub CMS.

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eTarget Ad Delivery System
This is where our knowledge of Publishing really pays off for you. eTarget is a powerful ad deliver product which enables to you deliver targeted ads throughout your website at a fraction of the cost of the well know packages.

Other Valuable Services

Webcasts & Sponsored Webevents
With so many busy schedules, business people need to get valuable information in bite size chunks. A Webcast can enable your visitors to gain valuable knowledge and your advertisers to gain quality leads. Let us show you how.

Digital Delivery
We are often asked to help a publication decide how best, or even if, they should introduce the concept of delivery of their print content in a digital format. What's the cost advantage? Can it be audited? Will people read it? These are just a few of the questions we can help you address.

eNewsletter Design & Distribution
Electronic newsletters make a terrific addition to your online information portfolio. They are only sent to people wanting to receive them and they are easy for vendors to sponsor. Sophisticated tracking allows detailed results for sponsoring advertisers.

Content Conversion
We have been through the content conversion wars and lived to tell about it. Our knowledge of Quark, InDesign and html allow us to convert even the toughest content back log. We offer everything from the basics of converting web ready materials to working with finished design files from your printer. No one knows how to get your content on the web better than Veridean.


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